Storage benefits Cross Dock

Operating efficiency

  • Concentrate on your basic activity.
  • Entrust your logistics to a specialist who has up-to-date knowledge and tools that allow you to efficiently carry out your work.
  • Benefit from the professionalism of an “International Network of Logistics experts”.
    Increase the efficiency of its performance indicators (KIPS’s) throughout its Value Chain.
  • Constantly improve your productivity

Costs reduction

  • Reduce and make your logistics costs more flexible.
  • Reduce and Dynamize your Administrative and Human Resources costs.
  • Better flow control, Controlling and reducing your inventories.
  • Avoid the risks of heavy real estate and equipment investments.

Costs reduction

  • Gain reaction speed.
  • Offer its customers reliable security in terms of improving their Customer Service Level.

Better communication and Security

  • State-of-the-art technology.
  • Weave your information flow.
  • Increase security in logistics links.
  • Eliminate theft or loss of merchandise.

Fiscal Benefits and Strategies of INBOND or "Fiscal Warehouse"

  • The Foreign Supplier does not lose control or ownership of the merchandise.
  • Have LINSA as your own warehouse for distribution and collection.
  • The Importer can make the payment of taxes until the moment of making the sale, eliminating the sales taxes from the foreign supplier to the Mexican buyer.
  • Importing companies in Mexico manage to have all their inventories near their plants and pay taxes only on those that they extract and use from the Warehouse until the moment the inventory is removed from the Warehouse, this instead of paying the corresponding taxes at the time of import and cross the border into Mexico.
  • Companies with Inventories in Texas that are directed to Mexico send their inventories to Linsa Almacén Fiscal and the supplier avoids paying government taxes for having inventory inventories in Texas.
  • An exporting company can have export inventories in Linsa Almacén Fiscal México without having sold them yet and these will be considered as “already exported” just because they are in Linsa Almacén Fiscal, thus benefiting their Financial and Fiscal accounting.
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