In 1998, Logística Internacional del Norte, S.A. de C. V. was founded as a Mexican company, opening its first distribution center in Monterrey called LINSA.

Strategically located in downtown Monterrey. We have:

  • 29,530 sqft
  • Warehouse
  • 2,470 sqft
  • Office
  • 9,840 sqft
  • Patio storage
  • 5,250 sqft
  • Rack positions
  • 13,780 sqft
  • Yards

Storage capacity of up to 9 rail cars per day on our private tracks, with access inside the warehouse for 6 rail cars and 3 in the yard.


Throughout all these years, LINSA has been able to bring together the best talents and team efforts, professionally adapting to the changing needs of the world’s industrial markets, thus guaranteeing our national and international client’s great competitiveness and the best innovative solutions. in storage, transportation, and cross-dock as part of a logistic integration, cost reduction and significant savings that represent a competitive advantage for our clients and end consumer. With the greatest customer support and custom service, LINSA will always strive to exceed expectations for us to truly become the strategic partner you deserve. Due to our client’s trust, the efficient and productive work of our teams and working under our own platform and infrastructure, LINSA is a consolidated company that guarantees the continuity of its services and permanence in the market, which is why we can promise a complete range of value-adding logistics services to meet your needs within the value chain. You will achieve this through Logística Internacional del Norte, S.A. de C. V., higher management and efficiency in the supply chain. We will assist you in achieving your goals through experience, professionalism, our inventory systems and our quality of service in logistics processes.

We help you

Increase your efficiency
Cost reduction
Improve your inventory control
Optimize your information flow
Improve your customer service
Reduce administrative costs
Increase security in link logistics
Eliminate theft or lost merchandise


We become a part of the change by introducing ourselves into the modernness of the twenty first century where the stress of productivity, quality and service are accentuated. there’s a discipline that, through the ages, remains as strategy: logistics. . logistics consists of a planned activity that involves the allocation and storage of merchandise, and the flow of data in an optimal and efficient method from the source to the point of use in order to satisfy our customer’s requirements.

We ensure that the right products and services are within the right place, at the precise time and in the desired conditions at the lowest attainable cost. LINSA offers our clients the most effective options. We’ve developed a high productivity work culture that respects society’s values, promotes its development, is aware of its ecological impact and, therefore, the utilization of natural resources.