At LINSA we know that transportation can represent a significant expense of total logistics costs, which is why we put our team of professional logistics coordination executives at your service to organize at the lowest possible cost any type of freight in trailer boxes, platforms, pressurized pneumatic hoppers, dumps, torton, 5.0 ton, 3.5 ton trucks, etc. The freights will be coordinated so that they arrive from their origin to our warehouses or exit our facilities to make final deliveries and / or distribution of their products to other facilities of their clients or to their own yards.

LINSA can coordinate both your local (Monterrey), regional (Northeast Mexico) and national freights in imports or exports related to seaports in the United States and Canada.

LINSA can also manage your current carriers, providing you with the highest levels of service, reliability, and control over the transportation of your products to your customers. Our transportation coordination services can be broken down into:

  • Network, transport and facilities design.
  • Supplier management.
  • Transportation management.
  • Customs brokerage.
  • Vendor parks.
  • Inventory optimization.
  • Supplier inventory management.
  • In-plant logistics, including replenishment of raw materials and components to the plant just-in-time or to the point of manufacture.


  • Improve and reduce your current transport logistics cost.
  • You will gain the resources and visibility you need to improve delivery times and respond efficiently to market changes.
  • LINSA ensures that the appropriate products are delivered to the correct destination and at the right time.
  • The customer stops worrying about logistics, he only sets the instructions and LINSA executes with excellent results.


  • Operating efficiency
  • Concentrate on your basic activity.
  • Entrust your logistics to a specialist who has up-to-date knowledge and tools that allow you to efficiently carry out your work.
  • Benefit from the professionalism of an “international network of logistics experts”.
  • Increase the efficiency of its performance indicators (KIPS’s) throughout its value chain.
  • Constantly improve your productivity.
  • Costs reduction.
  • Reduce and make your logistics costs more flexible.
  • Reduce and boost your administrative and human resources costs.
  • Better flow control, controlling and reducing your inventories.
  • Avoid the risks of heavy real estate and equipment investments.
  • Gain reaction speed.
  • Offer its customers reliable security in terms of improving their level of customer service.
  • Better communication and security.
  • Merge your information flow.
  • Increase security in logistics links.
  • Use of the fiscal warehouse in your import strategies.
  • The foreign supplier does not lose control or ownership of the merchandise and does not require RFC.
  • The importer can pay taxes until the sale.
  • The importer can pay taxes until the sale. Importing companies in Mexico manage to have all their inventories close to their production plants and pay taxes only on those they extract and use from the storage until the moment the inventory is removed from it. This is done instead of paying the corresponding taxes when importing and crossing the border into Mexico.
  • Companies with inventories in Texas that finally go to Mexico send their inventories to LINSA Depósito Fiscal and the supplier avoids paying government taxes for having inventories in Texas.
  • An exporting company can have export inventories in LINSA Tax Deposit in Mexico without having yet sold them and these will be considered as “already exported” just because they are in LINSA Tax Deposit, thus benefiting their financial and tax accounting.
  • Have LINSA as your own warehouse for distribution and collection.