Nowadays railroads are growing because they offer logistic savings of up to 30% depending on the land route being replaced. The greater the distance, the greater the savings. Generally, 3 trucks load the same quantity as a single rail car.

For the last 15 years we have been helping our clients load or unload all kinds of goods transported by these means in our own yards, or in others that we can recommend and operate according to your needs. At LINSA we currently have rail shunting services in the following locations:
  1. LINSA Churubusco with capacity to maneuver up to 6 indoor rail cars and 3 cars in the patio.
  2. LINSA Santa Catarina with capacity to receive up to 28 rail cars. Other places where we can also do railway handling:
  3. A) Any public road of the KCSM and Ferromex railways throughout Mexico.
  4. B) Railroad terminals throughout Mexico, the United States and Canada with certain characteristics required by our clients to integrate rail logistics.
  5. On our clients’ own routes.
The handling may need:
  • Forklift with blades for handling pallets or super sacks.
  • Forklifts with special attachments such as clamps used to handle paper rolls.
  • Conveyor belts and pneumatic compressors.
  • Personnel to unload or load bags of 55 lbs, 110 lbs , etc.
  • Personnel to shovel gravity discharge product.
  • Personnel to secure and lock cargo inside rail cars.
Some raw materials and finished products with which we have handled are the following:
  • Industrial: wood, automotive parts, bricks, batteries, and paper rolls.
  • Agro-industrial: sugar, beans, rice, alfalfa, corn, powdered milk, consumer products such as glass containers, cans and beverages.
  • Steel: steel coils, slab, laminations and wire rod.
  • Chemicals and petrochemicals: detergents, oils and acids.
  • Minerals products: sands, clays, dolomite, magnesite and limestone.


  • In a single shipment of rail car, 70 to 90 tons of merchandise are sent, while per trailer the load limit that can be transported is 20 to 23 tons per closed container.
  • A single procedure and customs agent cost per rail car. Per trailer would be an average of 3 customs procedures since, usually, 3 trailers is equivalent to one rail car.
  • Savings of up to 30% in freight costs. The greater the distance, the greater the savings.
  • The railway company is liable for loss or damage.